Top Tips for When You Plan for An Event Minibus Hire Service

Thu, 01/09/22
Hs2 travel

For events, complimentary shuttle services can make or break the overall experience. Without proper transportation facilities, it can be challenging for participants to navigate smoothly. On the other hand, providing shuttles means the attendees can now arrive on time and be ready to network. As a result, you can ensure a more pleasurable experience for you, the team and the guests. At HS2, we specialise in providing a seamless travel experience. Here's what our experts recommend when you go for an event minibus hire service.


When hosting an event, transport can be a significant factor. However, you need not worry. You have the option to consider the path attendees will travel on the day of the event. To help you plan the most efficient route, we use advanced tools like Google Maps to plot each of your itinerary's stops.

As the event approaches, team HS2 Travel will run comprehensive research on other nearby events and construction to prevent getting your minibus stuck in traffic. Also, there's always alternate route planning in case there's a need for rerouting.

Safe and efficient pickup and dropoff

Can the attendees safely board the minibus at the pickup and dropoff locations? You must ask this question when you go for event minibus hire services. Moreover, you must consult the managers and sort out the best possible bus stop.

If possible, we highly recommend visiting each location in person before the event. Meanwhile, you must avoid setting up a bus stop that places passengers in a potentially dangerous situation.

Peak times

What time of the day you plan to schedule the events matters to a great extent. Moreover, the beginning of the day during registration and check-in and the end of the day. It's equally essential to ensure whether you plan to run the shuttle during non-peak hours.

If it's a trade show, you'll need shuttle services at more frequent intervals. Meanwhile, conferences and seminars do have a specific start and end time; as a result, this helps reduce transportation services.

The right timing matters

You need to estimate how long it takes to complete one route and the number of attendees who will require shuttle services at each stop. In case of event minibus hire service, you must confirm the number of vehicles you plan to hire as early as possible.

Not sure how many buses you need? Well, you can always connect with our experts at HS2 Travel. Our reservation specialist will calculate the perfect number of minibuses as you connect with us.

Accessibility for disabled attendees

Most event minibus hire services in the UK provide wheelchair-accessible buses when requested. It's best to rent one vehicle that's disabled attendee-friendly. However, this ensures that the traveller can comfortably reach the location.


While the experts can create a solid plan when you go for event minibus hire services, it's also essential to have a backup plan, especially when unforeseen circumstances erupt. Besides, planning helps reduce the risk by setting a backup plan. So, keep the event running smoothly as you hire top minibus services.