Top Benefits of a Professional School Minibus Hire Service?

Thu, 16/02/23
Hs2 travel

When booking a school minibus, one of the most important things to take into account is the accessibility of transportation. At HS2 Travel, we provide various minibus rental options, from airport transfers to reliable, luxurious coach hire services with a capacity of up to 33 seaters. The level of service is unmatched in scope. The perfect vehicle will be there when you need it.

Hire with a driver for a minibus

When transporting a large group of passengers, renting a minibus is a great option. When you hire one of our school minibuses with the driver, your passengers will travel comfortably and get to your destination securely.

Our drivers have a UK driving licence and extensive training with long-term experience. Thus, whether you're travelling locally or nationally, you can unwind knowing that your travel will be secure from start to finish.

We provide flexible booking options for people planning to ensure smooth travel service. Also, we can accommodate any travel requirements because of our last-minute availability.

Qualified drivers

All our drivers have a plethora of experience, so we recognise how important it is for you to get to your destination safely. So, if you're looking for a trustworthy school minibus hire service company, go no further than HS2 Travel.

We have strict rules regarding the driver's age. For the use of our vehicles, a driver must have long-term experience. Also, drivers must be in excellent health and free from severe conditions that might jeopardise their ability to operate a vehicle safely. Besides, all our vehicles are safety checked and approved by DVSA.

Outstanding service

Our reasonably priced school minibus hire service is used by many organisations both within and outside of schools; in some cases, special transportation is required by administrators. We take great pride in ensuring that our minibuses are well cared for, regularly inspected, and operated by drivers who have undergone the appropriate training to ensure your travel stays as safe as possible.

We can transport groups of 9 to 33 in vehicles ranging from single-decker buses to 33-seater luxury coaches. Our fleet, which consists of many vehicles, is used daily for short-distance journeys and long holidays around Britain.

Security precautions

Budget minibus rental is one of the services that needs careful preparation and execution. However, most of these services are available across England, not just in your location. The company is responsible for ensuring that all requirements are satisfied and that all security rules are adhered to.

If they break these restrictions, they might be subject to harsh penalties or jail time. The owners are also in charge of making sure all drivers have insurance and legal licences. This will safeguard them as they serve as trainers and maintain the flow of the legal procedure.

Why go for professionals?

At HS2 Travel, we strive to provide customers with a door-to-door transportation service that is affordable, comfortable, and dependable. We provide a variety of minibuses. All vehicles have air conditioning, passenger-side doors, and airbag safety belts for the drivers. All minibuses are in top-notch condition.